They put me on a string…

I felt like I’ve been in a manicomio world

They forced me to eat that marvalleous food

They clap my hands, as if I was satisfied

I scream out inside

My inside revolving

You’re smilling keeping

I was up to be the happiest person in this second

You don’t even know what’s the heaven like

I’ve been thourgh in this now, moment

Bring me back to the eternity

The choosing

Untied my hands

Untied it so I can get out of this faking plastic happiness

The everybody was dreaming with this dream not made for me

But this terrible beautiful world still exist


I’m the fool, I’m fool bring from nowhere, the actions that

You’ll never predict

And if you put me in this nonsense reality

My whole body will hurt

My body pulses, my body still a teenage claming for a silly chocolate

My body can’t take a health food

Instead of it… much chocolate


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