Yooo are inside a drawer.

Yoooo. are inside a drawer.

I was remembering about you, your face your voice, and everything today makes me remind of you. This is sad, init. But i try to smile, cause your presence in my life was sparkling.

You, and your yooo, and yoo- makes me different.

I’m trying to complaing less. I’m trying to get into new adventures. I try to get it mostly in my own way!

And you still here in my drawer, your words, your language, your slangs, and i tryed to make your smell for me- smells like green, grass =P

My life now is different, the things I’m doing, my works, new friends, studies.  not everything, but part of me now it came from you.

As I opened the drawer I can’t refuse to see how it still intense.

I need to write it down, and maybe in some way to reach you. What i do??


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